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Alcohol Dispenser Machine

Alcohol Dispenser Machine

Incorporating an alcohol dispenser machine into your establishment’s layout could make a big difference in the amount of spoilage you experience on a weekly basis. If you’re pouring out wine due to oxidation or having to closely watch your wait staff due to generous pours, WineEmotion USA has the perfect solution. Our innovative Nitrogen and Argon preservation systems keeps oxygen out of the bottle after it’s been opened and partially poured, so wine stays fresh longer and remains at the ideal temperature.

6 Popular Wine dispenser and Preserver Machines We Sell

1. Quattro is the most popular wine bottle dispenser we carry; it holds four bottles of wine and is a great option for behind the bar. If your restaurant, bar, or club has modest wine sales, our 4-bottle wine dispenser and chiller will most likely meet your needs.

2. Cincue holds 5 bottles, but just like our wine dispenser for 4 bottles, the Cincue preserves wine for 30+ days and maintains an ambient temperature of 42-70 degrees; you’re in control of how cold your wines are served, and the size of portions, from ½ – 12oz, depending on your menu options.

3. Sei holds 6 bottles and is ideal for self-service wine pouring. Our popular six-bottle alcohol dispenser machine is designed with RGB Ambient Lighting with 14 colors- and it certainly attracts the attention of your patrons. Automatic cleaning is a feature built into each and every one of our dispensers, so your staff never has to worry about cleaning the spout after each pour.

4. Otto holds 8 bottles of wine and works with chip cards, RFID cards, magnetic stripes, and barcodes. Just like the rest of our systems, Otto requires only 110V-2 amps for electrical requirement and LAN Network, TCP/IP protocol. Its weight is 167 lbs refrigerated. You’ll find more information about Otto when you review our web resources.

5. Quattro+4 also holds 8 bottles of wine; what differentiates Quattro+4 from Otto is its flexible dual zone temperature control that allows 4+4 or 5+3 refrigeration. Display features individual HD displays for each bottle with mechanical pouring buttons. Quattro+4 is standard in Stainless Steal with optional RAL Color, in matte or gloss finish.

6. Bartender holds 7 bottles of liquor for your bar serving needs. Foodgrade Argon or Nitrogen keep every type of liquor and alcohol fresh long after expiration would normally occur after opening, including wines, Irish Cream, and liquors mixed with juices. While liquor tends to stay fresh longer than wine, eventually, oxidation will cause the product to lose some of its color, flavor, and potency.

Choose the Perfect Alcohol Dispenser Machine

Compare systems on our website or get in touch with one of our product specialists for assistance choosing the right one for your establishment. As you browse our website, you’ll find a list of benefits associated with our machines, applications, product information, and much more. Contact us for a free quote; reach us by phone at 800-671-3317.

Alcohol Dispenser Machine
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Alcohol Dispenser Machine
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