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Article provided by: Villas Dream On Costa Rica

Costa Rica Beachfront Villas

If you have dreamed of the perfect vacation, but you haven't had the chance to make your dream a reality, now is the time! With picture-perfect Costa Rica beachfront villas, you can finally make your dream vacation a dream come true. When your vacation is over, you will wonder why you didn't give yourself this well-deserved getaway sooner. Dream On Costa Rica offers four private and pristine five-star villa rentals with all of the amenities that you would expect in a five-star resort. Dream On Costa Rica vacation villa rentals are nestled in some of the best real estate in Costa Rica!

Located in the Southwest province of Guanacaste, Dream On Costa Rica's beachfront villas are situated in a true ocean paradise. Surrounded by coconut trees, banana trees, and mango trees, this tropical oasis is a true vacation hideout. The warm year-round temperatures combined with the sweet-tasting fresh air of the vast pacific ocean will arouse all of your five senses and put your mind and body at ease. Whether you want to spend your vacation relaxing or adventure-seeking, Dream On Costa Rica beachfront villas provide the ideal home base for your stay in our wonderful country.

Are Vacation Rentals Safe in Costa Rica?

When you are dealing with four and five-star vacation resort villas, such as Dream On Costa Rica villas, your safety is assured to you. The owners of most Costa Rican vacation rental properties are responsible, and the safety, comfort, and happiness of our guests is our top priority. When you consider the location of Dream On Costa Rica beachfront vacation rentals, there is virtually no crime here! Plus, all of our communities have round-the-clock security for your safety and protection.

Overall, Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Latin America. Like every country, Costa Rica has its pockets of crime. However, crime is most prevalent in big cities. Here, on the west coast of Costa Rica, there is virtually no crime, and the locals here are very friendly and are used to interacting with foreigners. Further, all of the properties surrounding Dream On Costa Rica beachfront villas are high-end. The owners and tenants of these properties are very well to do, and crime and is unheard of here.

Give Yourself the Vacation of a Lifetime

No Costa Rica vacation is complete without venturing off the beaten path. Again, Costa Rica is very safe, generally speaking, and with the guidance of our staff, you can have a great time in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is home to some of the most pristine rain forest on planet earth and truly is the crowned jewel of Central America! Whether you enjoy sport fishing, a round of golf, nature hiking, bird watching, lounging on the beach, or anything else, there is plenty to do here in beautiful Costa Rica. Dream On Costa Rica beachfront villas can be your home base while you vacation in paradise.

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