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Home Financing Colorado Springs

Home Financing Colorado Springs

What are your options when looking to finance a new home? Buying a home is a commitment that will incur emotional and financial expenses, so it is better to establish the best home financing in Colorado Springs.

There is no one home financing option, just like there isn’t one home for everyone. Do not kill your creativity when buying a new home because there are too many options, like FHA VA and fixed-rate loans for people with all kinds of credits and income.

Types of home financing

Conventional loan

These mortgage loans are the most popular financing options and majorly require that you have a credit score of about 620, ad a debt-to-income ratio of 50%. Down payments vary a great deal depending on factors like the interest rate, mortgage type, and out-of-pocket costs. These loans are suitable for anyone with a strong employment history or strong credit and the ability to pay for subsequent costs with savings or consistent income.

Examples of conventional loans

Fixed-rate mortgage

The two standard fixed-rate mortgages are the 30 and 15-year plans. The 3-year plan has a lower interest rate than the latter because the loan is stretched out for longer years. You can choose the 30-year plan if you want a flexible way to repay the loan fast.

The 15-year plan has a consistent rate and higher monthly payments than the 30-year plan. If you want to maintain a predictable monthly plan, it is a good plan because you do not want significant changes to your income or lifestyle.

Adjustable-rate mortgage

The Colorado Springs mortgage company can adjust the interest rate of this plan over time, which can change every five years, and then change annually depending on the initial costs and terms. Choose this loan if you believe you can get a lower rate at some point in the future or do not want to be locked into the same plan for long periods. Sometimes, people will also choose the plan when they know they can get an opportunity to expedite the closing.

Government mortgage plans

FHA mortgage solutions

These plans are under the Federal Housing Administration and have a design that allows people with modest incomes and credit scores to buy a decent home. You can get a down payment for as low as 3.5%, with a 500-credit score point. Get this plan if you are still on the path of building up your credit score and want an affordable way to get home. 

VA loans

The Department of Veteran Affairs offers loans to active and veteran military members. You do not need any mortgage insurance or down payment, which means you have a better chance to get home financing at the most reasonable rates.

USDA loans

The US Department of Agriculture does not need any down payment and applies loan limits and property value caps on homes in rural and urban areas. These loans are excellent for people who want affordable mortgage plans without excessive initial fees.

There are other kinds of mortgages options like the conforming mortgage, which means that the plan meets the local loaning standards, and reverse mortgages, typically available for over 62 years. Our mortgage brokers in Colorado Springs can assist you with getting a personalized loan solution, so feel free to contact us for in-depth consultation.

Home Financing Colorado Springs
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Home Financing Colorado Springs
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