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Key West Fishing Charters

Key West Fishing Charters

Fishing charters are an easy way to enjoy spending a couple of hours or days out in the ocean. They are especially vital if you choose to have a fishing vacation far away from home or as a first time activity. There is no end to options you could to get the best charter services. The odds are that you will jump into several charter clubs along the beach or through an online search. Lucky for you, Y-Knot has a compilation of logical points that will help you sieve out the best charter services within and without the Florida Keys.

Cost of services

Realistically, you have up to a couple of hundred dollars for a one-day trip that will cover less than twelve hours. The listed prices of fishing packages are not by any means outrageous from an analytical standpoint. The figures represent the quality of services you will get from onboard.

Some of the money will account for the boat's fuel, license, docking fees, daily maintenance, and tackle and bait. An offshore sports fisher consumes approximately $400 worth of fuel on a single trip. It is best that you do not automatically pick the cheapest option in the pricing list.


The sea is not as predictable and steady as the road. You may experience unpredictable storms and unforeseeable boat collisions. One of the most potent values of Key West Fishing charters is the availability of insurance to cover such events.

Do not adhere to the feeling of saving a few couples of thousands on the three-day-long trip while excluding insurance services. It is unwise to hop into a boat whose club does not have the necessary coverage. The shipping crew is also responsible for the boat's fishing safety when they have a vast knowledge of the fishing grounds and diving.

The shipping crew

The captain will set a tone for the entire trip. Y-Knot has a highly experienced captain with more than 20 years of diving and handling fishing expeditions. Apart from the professional qualifications, the captain's demeanor will determine how you enjoy the trip. Charters tend to have experienced captains and new assisting additions every couple of years. Our captain is particularly proud of his intuition on safety and scientific understanding of the weather.

The following factors define an excellent captain:

  • Licensing
  • Social skills
  • Knowledge about the fish
  • Expertise about the waters
  • Know-how about the weather
  • Do they work as the captain full time or part time for various Key West fishing charters?

The size of the boat

The size determines how many of you will enjoy the trip on a single ship. We advise that you pick a charter with bigger boats for deep-sea expeditions or party fishing. Other aspects are the weight and speed of the vessel.

A heavy boat will have smooth sailing in more rough waters. The speed of the boat determines how much you get to enjoy the fishing grounds. A slow boat will drag you through the seas and limit the time spent at each specific location.

Key West Fishing Charters
Yknot Fishing Charters
Key West Fishing Charters
7013 Shrimp Rd
Key West Florida 33040 US

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