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Article provided by: Tina Soriano, Your Real Estate & Mortgage Professional

Real Estate Advice for Seniors Los Angeles

Real Estate Advice for Seniors Los Angeles

5 Real Estate Advice for seniors in Los Angeles 

The California real estate market is one of the most competitive in the U.S., which is why it has an aura of excessively priced properties. Properties in Los Angeles are not the most affordable out there. However, the LA real estate market is worth investing in. Owning property in Los Angeles might seem like a distant dream for many people, especially seniors. However, Tina of Living Right Now can make that dream a reality. She is a professional mortgage broker with many years of experience in the LA real estate market. Tina offers valuable insights and informed real estate advice for seniors in Los Angeles. Being one of the most competitive markets in the country, the LA real estate sector certainly has the attention of many investors. Tina offers some valuable real estate tips for seniors to help them understand what it takes to buy a house in LA.

Do not Rush into Investing in the Hottest Neighborhoods

A significant drawback of looking to invest in the most desirable neighborhoods in LA is it does not allow you to negotiate the deal down. Properties in the hottest areas have skyrocketing prices, and competition is stiff. Therefore, consider investing in relatively slower neighborhoods. Tina can provide you with valuable data to help you find the most affordable areas in the city.

Fortunately, property prices in Los Angeles are beginning to slow down, according to Tina. Reports indicate the average cost of a home in LA is $725,000, which is close to two percent higher than it was last year. Tina can help you find properties in LA at reasonable prices.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates in Los Angeles are on a decline, according to Tina. Therefore, this is one of the best times to invest in the LA real estate market. Be sure to work with a reputable mortgage broker such as Tina of Living Right Now. She can help you keep track of fluctuations in mortgage rates and offer valuable Los Angeles CA real estate help.


Homes can become foreclosed when property owners fail to make contractual payments. In such cases, the lenders repossess the properties they finance. Most financiers are usually banks that seek to price the foreclosures and make quick sales. Property investors can find foreclosed properties in any neighborhood and price. One of the main benefits of buying a foreclosed property is they often sell at affordable rates. On the downside, the process of purchasing a foreclosed property is not simple.

Value-Add Multifamily Investments

If the high property prices in Los Angeles are an issue, Tina recommends investing in the city's multifamily market. The LA housing market has a housing shortage, which makes multifamily housing units some of the most sort after property investments in Los Angeles. Although many properties have sprung up in downtown Los Angeles over the last few years, the rest of the city has not experienced the same boom.

The new developments have increased the supply of property investments in downtown Los Angeles. However, multifamily units outside of downtown Los Angeles are hot properties and barely have vacancies.

The new trend among some property investors is buying substandard properties in excellent locations and renovating them. Such properties often end up fetching high rent returns after renovation.

High Job Growth Markets

High job growth markets are some of the best places to invest in properties in Los Angeles. Some areas of Los Angeles experience high employment and rising job opportunities than others. The benefit of investing in such markets is that their property investment sector is backed by a strong economy, which can translate to high returns for investors.

Are you thinking of starting your property search in Los Angeles? Avoid housing traps for seniors; contact Living Right Now at (562)-743-0869 to talk to Tina or schedule a real estate consultation in Los Angeles.



Real Estate Advice for Seniors Los Angeles
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