Orlando Area Vacation Rental Home

A+ Vacation Homes is your Number 1 resource for convenient, affordable, well-located, and luxurious rental properties in Florida. We have an entire selection of prime-location rental properties, all available at the most reasonable rates to help you have a memorable and budget-friendly vacation in Orlando. Traveling with a group? We have the perfect Orlando area vacation rental home for you! Whatever the size of your family or your traveling party may be, you can choose from huge homes and villas with a maximum occupancy of 16 people (or more) at a time. Some of our largest properties have an excess of 7 bedrooms and 5 baths to accommodate everyone in your party. Smaller rentals are still huge, with up to 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 or 3 baths, all offering large spaces for you to breathe and relax. Enjoy luxurious living in our high-quality rentals, all located in the most exciting areas in Orlando and Kissimmee. We even have rentals located some 5 to 15 minutes of Walt Disney World and only a short drive away from other sought after tourist spots in Florida.

Looking for an Orlando area vacation rental home with all the luxuries of a hotel? Then you have come to the right place. A+ Vacation Homes features some of the most luxuriously furnished rental properties in Florida. Most our rentals have their own private pools, while some have jacuzzis and game rooms to cater to all your relaxation whims. All of these at a more budget-friendly cost than you would have to pay at a hotel. You can also choose from affordable condominiums and villas, all within an easy drive of your favorite Florida destinations. If Disney World is your main attraction, take advantages of quiet neighborhoods within 15 minutes of the area. In addition to an awesome location, you also get to enjoy fully furnished villas, prepped and ready for your long term or short term stay.

Make your vacation just a little more convenient with our extra services, like equipment rental for barbeque grills, cribs, wheel chairs and other extra equipment all available for your comfort and convenience.