Kissimmee Vacation Homes

To save money on your Florida or Disney World holiday this year, stay in any of the luxurious Kissimmee vacation homes available here at A+. We have many rental condos, homes, and villas in the Kissimmee area, close to Disney World and a short drive to other parks and attractions.

Why Rent a House in Kissimmee?

Booking a vacation home in area gives you the best of both words-it lets you stay within minutes of Disney and it's also quieter and less frenetic than Disney hotels.

From Kissimmee, Disney World is only 10 to 15 minutes away by car. Vacation homes are also more spacious and calm. If you stay in a Disney hotel, you'll have to make do with an overprized and undersized room. You'll have to share the pools, the play rooms, the playgrounds, and virtually everything else with other guests. And with the hundreds (even thousands) of families and kids staying in those hotels, you might never get some quiet time.

Meanwhile, the Kissimmee vacation homes available here at A+ provide you with space, privacy, and exclusivity at low prices. Most of our homes can sleep an average of eight people; bigger ones can provide beds for 16 people easily. All houses have kitchens that are fully equipped. Everything you can think of is provided, from bed linens to kitchen utensils. If you are traveling as a group or a combined family, renting a holiday home in this area is a very economical option. The cost per head when divided comes down to a few dollars per night.

Aside from having enough bedrooms rooms for everyone and your very own kitchen, you can also enjoy a private swimming pool, a games room, and patio. Some of our homes allow access to exclusive resort community amenities and golf courses-all for less than half the price of a hotel!

Does eating out in restaurants drain your holiday budget? It doesn't have to. You can now cook some (or all) of your meals and save thousands of dollars. The Kissimmee vacation homes under our management are located near family friendly restaurants and supermarkets. Eat out or cook a feast in your gourmet kitchen-it's all up to you.

Booking an Orlando vacation home though our website is easy. You can narrow down your choices by location, number of rooms, amenities, and price range. Submit your booking and we will confirm within 24 hours. You can also call our toll free number 1-866-655-9014 if you need further assistance.