Vacation Rental Villas in Orlando

Whatever size family or group you may have, we will sure have the perfect vacation rental villa to match. Here at A + Vacation Homes you have access to a vast selection of amazing rental homes, all located at the best prime locations in Orlando and Kissimmee. These rentals are only 15 minutes away from the most visited attraction in Florida, the Walt Disney World, and are within immediate reach of exciting area attractions and popular tourist spots. Reserve a vacation villa with us and we guarantee a comfortable and unforgettable stay in town.

A + Vacation Homes offers you the most luxurious settings for your family vacation. Most our villas come with sizeable private swimming pools where you can relax and unwind after long days of touring. Other units have their own game room or Jacuzzi to keep you entertained and relaxed throughout your stay. Choose from our 3 to 7 bedroom villas, which offer ample spaces to accommodate 8 to 16 people. Our luxury rentals are all fully furnished with full kitchens and home amenities to make your stay even more comfortable. We even offer some extra facilities for rent to add to your convenience like high chairs and wheelchairs, cribs, pool heaters and spas, barbecue grills, and more. These facilities are offered at minimal fees that are certainly cheaper than what you would have to pay in hotels and similar lettings. Airport escort is another service on offer so you won't have to go through the trouble of locating our homes in the city. We even provide mid-stay cleaning services so you won't have to do housework while on vacation.

Our rental villas are located in the most sought after areas in Orlando and Kissimmee, giving you access to the best that Florida has to offer. In addition to Disney World, you are also within minutes of other must see attractions and destinations in the area, including theme parks and local museums.

With vacation rental villas, you no longer have to stuff everyone in a small "large" hotel suite, nor do you have to endure noisy neighbours and lack of privacy when using communal hotel facilities. With most our rental villas offering their own private pools and other luxurious amenities, you get to experience a vacation of a lifetime at a fraction of the price of a week-long hotel booking, which means savings that you can use for your next trips or to splurge on other activities and experiences in town.